Slot and new ways to earn money That should no longer be running against AI.

The slot and the ideas to share tell here actually started paving. And devised plans on this matter (around the world) for more than five years before,

but we may not see concrete results. Until today Where everything goes online (Do not exclude all slots or gambling games)

and that cannot be overlooked is that we are going to be taking some space. That is more than 40% of the work.

Computer systems and robots
We can see from the beginning. Automatic answering system A place to work instead of a call center,

a mind-reading system (a consumer, whether online shopping, e-commerce or even in department stores)

and many other things that are coming to work for people For example, a bot chat, an AI that can read people’s minds with just the initial questions.

Or composing music instead, and the latest AR presentations read consumer minds That simulate both situations, สล็อต

places and motives That will have the right to create emotions, feelings and needs of the buyer

To have a higher urge to get that product Read and we will feel even more afraid.

To the insecurity in our source of money This does not include competitors who are workers who are better than ourselves …

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